the first ever true Military Cryptocurrency.

Utilize the advances in blockchain technology and the new frontier of digital currency to help aid Military programs all over.

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the Challenge Coin

A Challenge Coin Is A Small Coin Or Medallion Bearing An Organization's Insignia Or Emblem And Carried By The Organization's Members. Traditionally, They Might Be Given To Prove Membership When Challenged And To Enhance Morale. They Are Also Collected By Service Members And Law Enforcement Personnel. Historically, Challenge Coins Were Presented By Unit Commanders In Recognition Of Special Achievement By A Member Of The Unit. They Could Also Be Exchanged In Recognition Of Visits To An Organization.

4% of every transaction is donated to charity

Challenge Coin is an eRC20 token on the ethereum blockchain. 4% of every transaction is donated to charities handpicked by the SEALS on the challenge coin team

2% rewards for those that show their support

2% of every transaction is distributed back pro-rata to the holders of challenge coin to show our gratitude for their support. holders can choose to collect those rewards or to donate them to a charity of their choice.

Kill Zeros for Heroes

In Cryptocurrency many new coins start at less than a penny so that it leaves
room for growth, exciting possibilities, an entry point for all income levels, and
sufficient supply. When a coin starts off at .00001 and then goes to .0001 we call
that “dropping a zero”.
Challenge Coin is going to “KillZerosForHeroes”!

Latest Causes

The Team

Creating a coin of value, purpose and use-case is not a two-man job of course, which is why the team has expanded. On the Military front, Challenge Coin added some of the most highly decorated U.S. Heroes in this Country’s history. On the Crypto side, Russ has collaborated with some of the World’s leaders in Cryptocurrency to create the robust functions of Challenge Coin.
KAJ Larsen
Navy SEAL - War Reporter
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Jeff Gum
‍Navy SEAL
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Edward Byers
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Rob O'Neill
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Jesse Merl
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Russ Davis
Founder of InRussWeTrust Crypto
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Change The world

What is Challenge Coin

A cryptocurrency designed to give back to those that have served.

Challenge coin lore

A well-known story about the emergence of military challenge coins dates back to the First World War. At that time, a rich officer gave his men bronze medallions featuring the insignia of their flying squadron. Not long after that, a young flying ace was shot down and captured. Germans are said to have removed everything from the ace's person except for a pouch he was wearing -- one that held his medallion. After he escaped to France, he was sentenced to die, as the French labeled him a spy. However, the ace presented his medallion as proof of his identity. Because one of the French soldiers recognized the insignia, France delayed the ace's execution. After his identity was confirmed, the ace was returned to his flying unit.

where did this start?

The dream started back in May 2021 when Navy SEAL Kaj Larsen and Russ from InRussWeTrust LLC (Crypto Firm) started brain storming about giving back to Military personnel for their services. Russ wanted to know more about the Military and giving back, while Kaj wanted to learn more about Cryptocurrency, thus Challenge Coin was born. The problem is that some of this Country’s most decorated heroes are not provided the support they have earned and deserve. The solution is Challenge Coin.

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