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Utilize the advances in blockchain technology and the new frontier of digital currency to help aid Military programs all over.

A Challenge Coin Is A Small Coin Or Medallion Bearing An Organization's Insignia Or Emblem And Carried By The Organization's Members. Traditionally, They Might Be Given To Prove Membership When Challenged And To Enhance Morale. They Are Also Collected By Service Members And Law Enforcement Personnel. Historically, Challenge Coins Were Presented By Unit Commanders In Recognition Of Special Achievement By A Member Of The Unit. They Could Also Be Exchanged In Recognition Of Visits To An Organization.

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Creating a coin of value, purpose and use-case is not a two-man job of course, which is why the team has expanded. On the Military front, Challenge Coin added some of the most highly decorated U.S. Heroes in this Country’s history. On the Crypto side, Russ has collaborated with some of the World’s leaders in Cryptocurrency to create the robust functions of Challenge Coin.

KAJ Larson
Navy Seal - War Reporter

Jeff Gumm
Navy Seal

Edward Byers
Navy Seal

Rob O'Neill
Navy Seal

Jesse Merl
Executive, Angel Investor

Russ Davis
Founder of InRussWeTrust Crypto

Corporate Partners

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